The pioneer settlers of Pocahontas County realized the necessity of organizing an insurance company that would serve the people of this and adjoining counties in a mutual and cooperative way.

Pocahontas County Mutual Fire and Lightning became a reality and issued it's first policy to it's President, C.M. Taylor, of Lincoln Township on January 1, 1891.

And through the years, with what has now become know as Pocahontas Mutual Insurance Association, we have assisted our policyholders who were experiencing uncontrollable acts of nature or other sudden accidental perils.

Early records indicate $235 paid in fire losses in 1897.  In the year of 2004, Pocahontas Mutual Insurance paid out over $1,500,000 in claims.

April 24, 1945 Pocahontas Mutual Insurance insured $2,164,875 of property coverage.  By April of 2016, over $510,000,000 of property was insured.

Pocahontas Mutual Insurance is a member and participant of NAMIC (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies), and IMIA (Iowa Mutual Insurance Association).

In 1897 the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies was formed in Des Moines, Iowa.  NAMIC, as it was soon to be called, is the national trade association for the mutual insurance industry.  It's motto is "Neighbor Helping Neighbor".  It is member-driven and speaks with one voice concerning state and national insurance issues.

IMIA, or the Iowa Mutual Insurance Association, is the state insurance industry trade organization.

In 1986 Pocahontas Mutual Insurance built, and still occupies, it's first home office in Laurens, Iowa, at 137 South Third Street.

In a move to spread the risk, and increase opportunities for growth, Pocahontas Mutual Insurance changed it's charter to a state-wide mutual status in 2000.  This expanded our writing area by an additional tier of counties surrounding Pocahontas County.

Pocahontas Mutual Insurance is presently served by 70-plus agents in 17 professional insurance agencies. The guidance for the Mutual comes from a six-member Board of Directors.

Policyholders are invited to participate in the future planning of Pocahontas Mutual Insurance by attending the Annual Policyholders Meeting.  This meeting is held at 1:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of April each year, at the home office in Laurens, Iowa.

Pocahontas Mutual Insurance Association
137 South Third Street
Laurens, Iowa  50554
Office: 712-841-4569 ~ Mobile: 712-358-1326
Home: 712-841-2506 ~ Fax: 712-841-2426

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